Settle into this 10 minute body scan for complete relaxation. This is the perfect guided meditation to help you connect with your breath and your body.

This 10 minute body scan is best practiced after yoga or just before you go to sleep. You can also practice this meditation anytime you feel stressed or experience anxiety. It will help to calm and recenter your nervous system.

The aim is to help alleviate tension in the mind and the body. First, you will focus on your feelings in the present moment, and then you will let them go. These next 10 minutes may define your whole day, that’s is the power of meditation.


Body Scanning

Body scanning is a simple technique that allows you to reground and recenter. It is designed to help you develop a mindful awareness of your body by focusing your attention. When we bring awareness to each part of your body, keep an open mind and sense of curiosity about how your body responds. Try not to judge any feeling that comes to you, but simply accept the sensations.

We will start the 10 minute body scan from the crown of the head and work all the way down to your toes.

We will use the breath as an anchor for your focus as we mentally scan through the body. This will help you to be fully present for the entire class. Let my voice guide you and the music soothe you into a peaceful state of mind. Practice this scan by sitting up in a chair, on your mat, or lie down if this is more comfortable. Through daily practice, you will start to see changes in your perspective and how you deal with life situations.

Take the next 10 minutes for yourself. Turn off all distractions and find a quiet and comfortable space.

Hello Spirit x

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