Good evening my friends and welcome to your yoga bedtime routine. This short 10-minute yoga flow will help to let go of any stresses and tensions left over from the day. It will help to send you into a deep sleep.

You can do this bedtime yoga flow from the comfort of your own bed or on a mat if you prefer. This is a simple and easy routine that is suitable for all levels. You will be needing a pillow for this class. This will help to comfortably support you in certain positions and encourage your body to relax further.

This nighttime yoga is a gentle full body flow where we will stretch out the back, legs, and hips. Helping you to wind down from a long day. Doing gentle yoga before bed can help send you into a deep sleep. Yoga is commonly used to help you sleep well and promote a healthier sleep cycle. It encourages the muscles to relax and release any tension stored from the day.

May you find a quiet space, maybe turn down the lights and let’s get ready to flow into a deep sleep.

Love & light,
Charlotte (Hello Spirit) xx

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