This is the best yoga flow for tight hips and glutes. Release all stress and negativity out of your muscles and soreness in the lower body.

We tend to hold a lot of negative energy in our hip and glute areas that can manifest over a period of time. By going into deep releasing asanas, we will be releasing tension and stress by stretching out our myofascial in under 20 minutes. Invite stability into your practice and welcome release.

By doing this yoga flow for tight hips and glutes you will increase mobility into your joints. As well as relieve stiffness in your lower back. If you spend a lot of time sitting at a desk, then this is a great, feel-good flow to do at the end of your hard-working day. You may feel more energised and re-freshed after this practice.

Create a beautiful space for your yoga flow. Maybe light some incense, burn a candle and keep the lights low. You won’t need any props for this class, just roll out your mat and grab some water.

I look forward to flowing with you.

Love & light,
Hello Spirit x

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