This intermediate yoga flow for flexibility, balance, and strength is perfect to stretch and strengthen the body. It will release tension and stiffness out of the muscles, and give your full body a total recharge.

Take exactly what you need from this class and level up your yoga. This intermediate class is for those who are looking to take their practice to the next level and challenge themselves in new ways.

This Hello Spirit styled, intermediate yoga flow, will challenge your balance, tone your muscles and help to increase flexibility throughout your body.

There will be a couple of challenging yoga postures such as dancers pose, shoelace, wild thing, and half-moon, so remember to always keep your mind present and focused on each breath and movement. Be mindful and listen to your body by taking whatever variation/modification is needed to fit your level.

Remember to be kind to your body.

Be patient with yourself, know your limitations, and always remember to bring your connection back to your breath. Take this opportunity, during this intermediate flow to let the amazing force of Prana flow through your body. Allow it to ground you in the present moment and let go of anything that has been holding you back.

Grab your mat and some water and let’s begin to flow together,

Love & light,
Hello Spirit x

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