Welcome friends to this beautiful flow with yoga stretches for lower back pain. This 20 minute yoga flow is particularly designed for anyone who suffers from sciatica or lower body stiffness.

Care For Your Back

This is a slow-paced and gentle flow which uses specific yoga stretches to target lower back pain. This will also help to release soreness and discomfort in the lower body. We will be spending the majority of our class lying down on the mat to give our bodies the opportunity to relax whilst we stretch.

In this short yoga class, we will gently stimulate the back muscles by stretching out our glutes and hamstrings. The glutei stretches are great for loosening up the back muscles in case your nerve is pinched in that area. We will also briefly include stretches for the upper back in order to release tension throughout the spine. This will give our body the opportunity to move with care.

These effective yoga stretches for lower back pain relief are easy to practice and offer a gentle path to recovery, healing, and further back pain prevention. These beginner yoga postures will help to rehabilitate and heal soreness and stiffness, by including them into your daily routine.

If you suffer from or are recovering from sciatica pain or a disk herniation, these gentle yoga postures will help your body on the road to a healthy recovery. Try to include these yoga stretches for back healing whenever you begin to feel back pain, stress, and discomfort.

Please be mindful of your body and see how it responds to certain yoga asanas. If at any point, a posture becomes too strenuous or feels too uncomfortable, take a modification or take a break. Relax for a few minutes on your yoga mat. If you are suffering from a more serious injury or the pain is ongoing, please consult your doctor or physical therapist to confirm that these yoga stretches are the right ones for you.

I hope you enjoy this 20-minute yoga class and I look forward t flowing with you all.

Enjoy and breathe.

Love and Light,
Hello Spirit (Charlotte) x

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