In this 25 minute class, we will be releasing into yin yoga poses for the hips and the lower body. This blissful Yin Yoga class for relaxation will leave you feeling amazing and your very best self. You will feel completely relaxed and blissed out after this yin yoga class.

Yin yoga poses are a great way to practice being in a meditative state and also releasing any negative energy and tension in the muscles. Yin Yoga helps us to improve our flexibility, boost our circulation, lower our stress levels and find a sense of calm in the mind and body.

We will be holding each Yin Posture for 2 minutes. When you release into your position, bring awareness to your breath and your body. Use your breath to guide you into your yin yoga position and breathe into any areas of tension or stiffness.

Give yourself the permission to let go, relax and go deep.

I’ll see you on the mat.

Love & light,
Hello Spirit x

So what is Yin Yoga?

Yin Yoga is a style of yoga practice that goes deep into the connective tissue and targets your myofascial; in particular areas of the body that are not normally stretched as much in more active styles of yoga.
In Yin Yoga, we hold certain poses for an extended period of time. This can be anywhere from 2 minutes, all the way up until 20 minutes, depending on the asana.

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