Welcome friends to this Everyday 10 Minute Morning Guided Meditation. Wake up and listen to this short guided meditation to have the perfect start to your day.

Gift yourself the tools every day with this meditation to give your mind a fresh, new start to the day. This will be a platform for you to set your mind and day with a runway for success, joy, and focus. This 10 minute meditation will guide you through the visualisation of your breath, relaxation techniques and bring you into the present moment.

Give yourself the time to set up a space for mental clarity and mindfulness. Make the commitment to look after your mental well-being and dedicate these 10 minutes to yourself every day.

Find a quiet space where you will not be disturbed. Make sure you are comfortable. Turn off any distractions. Give yourself permission to connect with the internal energy that is always with you. Take the initiative this morning to give yourself a safe space and enjoy this time for you.

Regular meditation has proven to strengthen your conscious focus, increase your productivity, and relieve stress. An ongoing practice can be incredibly beneficial to your mood and mind. It can shift the way you feel. It can help to raise your vibration and encourage healing energy into your everyday life.

Seat yourself comfortably and lets find a peaceful, present awareness.

May you have the best day that you deserve.

Love & light,
Hello Spirit x

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