This is the perfect everyday beginner flow for those who are new to yoga and who want to start making a habit of classes.

You can do this gentle feel-good flow first thing in the morning, or maybe wind down with a good stretch at the end of the day. Moving through easy yoga asanas, this yoga class will help you release tension, increase flexibility, and reduce your stress level.

If you’re new to yoga, looking for a gentle feel good flow for beginners can sometimes feel intimidating if the class contains fast-paced yoga movements. This class is nice and slow-paced with modifications to make it beginner-friendly.

You can enjoy this yoga class if you are feeling overworked, tired, or physically/emotionally drained. This class will help lift you up and allow you to release any negative energy that has been manifesting in your body. We will move at a slow pace, focusing on achieving the deepest stretch possible in each yoga posture.

Remember, you can always adjust each pose to your specific needs and enjoy this practice.

Grab your mat and water and let’s flow together.
Love & light,
Charlotte xx

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