Welcome to this feel good vinyasa yoga flow. This is Day 4 of the 7 day all levels yoga course. In this class, we will be building up strength through breath and movement in a vinyasa styled yoga flow.

During this yoga class, we will elevate your heart rate, build up a sweat and tone your body through a series of yoga postures. It’s time to hit the reset button for your mind and body, and practice this yoga class in the morning or anytime throughout the day.

This 20-minute vinyasa class will heat up your yoga practice and leave you feeling energised throughout the day. We will on focus on engaging the core and opening up the hips and front body. I will guide you through this all-levels sequenced flow which will help to improve stamina, strength, and flexibility.

As well as power moves to strengthen and tone the body, this vinyasa yoga flow includes some gentle stretches to cool down with. It is important to always strengthen and then lengthen your muscles.

Do this flow on its own or as part of the 7 day all levels yoga course.

With that said, let’s begin our flow.

Love & Light,
Hello Spirit x

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