Enjoy this 15-minute, full-body stretch and strengthen yoga class first thing in the morning! This morning yoga practice is the perfect combination of gentle stretches and strengthening exercises to wake up the body and give you a brilliant start to your day.

Throughout this full body stretch, we will work through some core exercises to build energy in the body, as well as some powerful yoga asanas and deep releasing postures to leave you feeling blissfully stretched out and ready to face the day.

Start your day in the best possible way by dedicating just 15 minutes to your physical practice and mental wellbeing. Allow yourself to find presence during this flow and reconnect with your body, breath and movement.

Try and set yourself a goal to set aside just 10-15 mins a day to dedicate to your health and fitness practice. By having this regular routine, you will start to see results both physically and mentally. Remember its just as important to lengthen as well as strengthen your muscles.

So roll out your mat, grab some water, take a deep breath & lets begin!

Love & light,
Charlotte x

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