This Best Yin Yoga For Hips and Glutes will leave you feeling rejuvenated in 20 mins. This deep, relaxing yin yoga practice will leave you feeling bliss, as we target and open the hips and let go of negative energy. Giving your lower body the stretch it deserves.

By completing this happy hips yin yoga class, you will start to bring flexibility and mobility into your hips and lower back. Our hips can be a problematic area of the body to stretch and release, so by dedicating this yin yoga flow to your hips, you can also improve and begin to remove negative energy from your body.

Look no further for the best yin yoga for hips and glutes as this class is suited to many levels of yoga and variations are described throughout.

Remember to always breathe throughout this yin yoga class and listen to your body. Connect with your breath and give yourself permission to go deeper into your hips and glutes.

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