Learn how to master your headstand in this Headstand Tutorial For Beginners in 5 easy steps. This effective and easy-to-follow tutorial will help get you into your full headstand safely and quickly!

A headstand is one of the most popular inversions for people to learn and it is a lot easier than you may think! This headstand yoga tutorial will show you 5 simple steps to help you get into your headstand. The steps are:

1. Setting Up Your Foundation
2. Hips Over Your Shoulders
3. Weight Transfer To Each Leg
4. The Tuck
5. Full Headstand

I will take you through each stage and show you the best tips on how to properly get into your headstand. Remember to be patient with yourself and have fun learning how to be upside down! It will take time and practice to get into your full headstand. But if you follow and master each of these steps, getting into your headstand should feel more natural. Give yourself the time to build up the strength in your shoulders and arms. This is where you will hold 90-95% of your weight – NOT on your head.

Remember to warm up before attempting this tutorial – see my arm toning tutorial below.

Enjoy this tutorial and let me know what else you would like to see from me in the comments below!

Love & light,
Hello Spirit x

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