Welcome to this 25-minute, easy and gentle yoga flow. It is an amazing fit for anyone new to yoga or anybody wanting a full body stretch at home.

In this Hello Spirit styled class, we will help to release tension out of the body by gently stretching the back, hips, and hamstrings. We will go deep into the backs of the legs to encourage flexibility and release any soreness in the muscles. Modifications are given throughout the class to help suit your yoga ability.

At the beginning of this gentle flow, we will practice a short breathing exercise. This will give us the opportunity to connect with the present moment and be aware of how the body feels. We will then slowly warm up the body through some easy and gentle yoga stretches. Then we will go through a sun salutation step by step before going a bit deeper into the lower body.

During this class, we will be connecting movement and breath as we flow throughout this practice through a series of commonly used yoga postures.

Remember to always take your yoga practice at your own pace. Make sure to stay with your breath, and enjoy all the benefits that this flow may bring you.

I look forward to seeing you on the mat.

Love & Light,
Hello Spirit x

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