This intermediate yoga flow has a combination of amazing back stretches for flexibility and tension release. This 15-minute yoga flow also combines counterposes for the back, with deep releasing hamstring stretches, leaving you feeling blissfully stretched out.

In this flow, we will practice a combination of back strengthing poses and move fluidly through different asanas. This will gently stimulate the back muscles, stretch out the hamstrings and also our hips. Enjoy flowing in the beautiful English countryside and take in all the beautiful autumnal colours of nature.

Throughout this class, make sure to listen to your body. Do not push yourself too much. If you feel any pain in the back, please gently come out of the position and take a child’s pose or rest. If you have suffered through any severe spinal injuries, please advise your doctor first if you’re ready to incorporate yoga as part of your rehabilitation process.

Remember to give your body the opportunity to move with care.

During this intermediate yoga class, you will allow your mind and body to connect with the breath, and feel strong while you move on your mat. Enjoy and breathe.

See you on the mat.

Love & Light,
Hello Spirit x

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