Get ready to tone, stretch, and strengthen with this power flow. In this 18-minute detox yoga class, we will raise our heartbeat, work up a sweat and combine our breath with movement.

This is a Hello Spirit Yoga workout to feel amazing. Throughout the class, we will focus on improving your flexibility, balance, and control of your body, through some strengthening exercises. This class combines yoga postures that will help stimulate the digestive system and cleanse the body of all toxins. As a result, this will encourage overall body toning and weight loss.

There will be some challenging balancing postures throughout this yoga workout, that aim to strengthen certain muscles groups in the lower body and gain excellent toning results.

If you fancy a challenge, try and do this power flow twice or three times through or you can incorporate it into your everyday exercise routine.

This is a beautiful yoga workout for anyone that is looking to feel rejuvenated and grounded.

You won’t need any props for this class but do grab some water and of course your mat.

When your ready, let’s begin to flow.

Love & light,
Charlotte ✨

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