Get ready for this quick feel good workout for your abs and bum. In this abs and bum pilates workout (which you can do from the comfort of your home with no equipment), you will sculpt and define your abs and tone up your booty. This 12-minute pilates class will tone your core through a series of quick and intense ab exercises. Followed by some booty-burning drills.

This abs and bum pilates workout is divided into two parts. In the first half of the workout, we will be doing some intense, ab killer exercises. These drills will help to tone your tummy and eradicate belly fat. In the second half, we will be working and sculpting our booty. These maneuvers will help give us that beach bum all year round. Get ready to feel the burn!

We will do a series of abs and bum pilates exercises to build strength in the body and target belly fat. This workout includes a lot of strength-building exercises. So remember to stay with your breath and when your muscles begin to fatigue, breathe through it and keep going.

No equipment needed for this class. Grab some water and get ready to roll out your mat.
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