Start your morning the best way possible with this quick yoga flow for tight hips. This is a short and sweet yoga practice that is dedicated to helping you with your hip mobility and flexibility.

As well as gently opening up the hips, we will target our piriformis muscles by stretching out the glutes in a deep releasing pigeon pose.

This flow should feel amazing if you haven’t been on your mat for a while or even if you just spend a lot of time sitting at your desk or in the car.

This morning stretching class is perfect for anyone who feels a lot of tension and stiffness in their hips as well as for anyone that is looking to gain more flexibility in that part of their body.

Throughout this 15 minute practice, we will gently stretch the lower body to relieve any tension and stiffness that is building in the hip area. Aimed to release physical restrictions in your hips but also to help relax your mind and go inwards. Give yourself the permission to let go of any negative energy, fear, stress, or anxiety that you may be manifesting in your hips.

You will only need your mat and some water for this happy hip yoga flow.

When you’re ready, I’ll see you on the mat.

Love & light,
Charlotte xx

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