Start your morning with this short meditation to feel relaxed and find a sense of calm and peace. Tune out from the outside world and connect with your inner being in just 5 minutes. Relax, unwind and find a safe and quiet space. Give yourself the tools to support your mental wellbeing and strengthen your mind.

We will be letting go of tension, heaviness, and any stress you have been holding onto recently and welcoming love, compassion, and kindness into our hearts. Throughout this meditation, focus on your breath. Open your heart to positivity and whatever comes to you throughout this meditation.

In this guided meditation, I will be providing you with a mantra to help manifest healing energy and welcome positivity and love to come our way and set you up for a beautiful morning.

“My mind is strong. My body is healthy. I open myself to the universe and welcome love and positivity into my life”.

May this meditation help you balance your mind and bring you a short moment of tranquility.

Turn off all distractions and find a quiet space. See you on the mat.

Love & light.
Hello Spirit x

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