Welcome friends, to this slow and easy morning yoga in bed practice. As soon as you wake up, you can do these simple yoga stretches first thing in the morning to stimulate the blood flow in the muscles and kick start the nervous system.

This 8-minute sleepy head yoga flow is suited for beginner and experienced yogis to help wake up the body and set ourselves up for a beautiful day ahead. Begin your day by increasing flexibility and energy through movement and breath with different hip opening and muscle releasing postures.

Doing slow morning yoga in bed will help to prepare you for the day and give you a feeling of accomplishment before you leave your home. Through a series of gentle and easy stretches in the morning, we will find a positive grounding for the mind and body to realign. We will start by stretching out the sides of our body and releasing tension in the shoulders and spine. Followed by some gentle hip opening stretches; and then gently lengthening the backs of legs.

Give yourself the gift of yoga before you leave your bed and see how this can improve your overall mood for the best day ahead.

You can also do this yoga flow on your mat if you wish to use that instead.

Otherwise, just bring your sleepy self and prepare for an incredibly slow and easy morning stretch.

Love & Light,
Hello Spirit xx

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