Get beautiful, lean, and sexy arms with these toned arm exercises without weights. You can do this arm-toning workout from the comfort of your own home. All you need is your mat and your determination to start!

This is a short but intense workout that will ensure you see incredible results by including into your usual exercise routine.

This quick and effective 12-minute arm workout is the best exercise routine to tone and sculpt your arms without any bulkiness. During this arm workout, we will be defining and toning our shoulders, biceps and triceps to achieve beautiful muscle definition and obliterate unwanted fatty areas.

We will also be building upper body strength and defining your arm muscles without increasing your muscle size – leaving you with tight, sculpted, and sexy arms that you’ve always wanted. You will get closer to losing any unwanted arm flab and tightening overall. You will feel the effects and incredible benefits right after doing this class.

Repeat this routine every other day and over time you will start to see the arm definition you’ve always wanted. However, make sure to balance this with regular exercise and eating a clean and healthy diet. Your results will triple if you eat well and work hard 💪🏼

You don’t need any equipment for this quick arm toning workout so you have no excuse to just roll out your mat at home and begin. Success starts with YOU.

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When your ready, grab some water and I’ll see you on the mat.

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