Wind down and enjoy good stretches for your back in this yin yoga flow to release tension.

This restorative yoga practice uses yin postures to release any soreness and stiffness in your back muscles and shoulders. We will be holding each yoga posture for two and a half minutes.

In this yin yoga flow we will move slowly and gently, to encourage a deep release and help stretch out your myofascial. When you are holding your yin postures, remember to use your breath to encourage oxygen into your body. Use your breath to guide you into deep releasing asanas, by breathing in deeply and exhaling out slowly.

In today’s sedentary world as we lose back flexibility and mobility through sitting and poor posture. To help relieve some of this pain and improve overall mobility of the spine, these yin yoga poses will help stretch all the areas that contribute to a healthy back: shoulders, chest, abs, obliques, hamstrings, glutes, and hip flexors.

Please note, if at any point you feel that a pose becomes too intense, simply come out of the position and take a break. This can be done in a quick child’s pose. Remember to always listen to your body, and encourage a nourishing stretch into the back. Never force anything.

Take your time and be patient, it is all part of the process to find your spirit.

Grab your mat, grab your water and I’ll see you on the mat, soon.

Hello Spirit x

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