Enjoy this deep releasing, yin yoga for hips and hamstrings to improve your flexibility. Yin yoga is a beautiful style of yoga to help you relax into deep releasing asanas and practice a meditative state. When you hold yin postures for a certain amount of time, it targets the deep connective tissues between the muscles and the fascia, allowing it to stretch and release. This helps to increase circulation in the joints and improve flexibility in the body.

During this yin yoga for hips and hamstrings, we will be holding our yin postures for 2 minutes. You may experience blissful energetic releases or feel different kinds of emotion when you allow your body to let go and the muscles to relax. We will be opening our hips and lengthening our hamstrings through a series of yin postures to help improve flexibility.

Remember, to always breathe when holding these positions; use your breath to guide you and release deeper. Be kind to your body, never force anything, just allow the muscles to relax and to release.

Gift yourself this next 25 minutes to tune out from the outside world and enjoy this feel-good yin flow.

Grab your mat and your water, and let’s begin to flow.

Hello Spirit x

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