This 20 minute yin yoga full body deep stretch class is the perfect remedy to help you let go of any tension or stress you’ve been holding onto within your body.

When we experience negative or frustrating situations, we tend to hold onto this negative energy and store it in our bodies. Particularly in the hips and the glutes.

Yin yoga is an incredible way to help you release this energy by holding our yoga positions for two minutes.

This yin yoga full body deep stretch class is designed to help you relax your body as you hold your asanas. My guided voice will help you to connect with your breath as you allow your body to release deeper.

By doing this yin yoga class, you will rejuvenate and relax your body, leaving you feeling lighter, refreshed, and rebalanced.

We will start by stretching out the lower body, followed by gentle and more intense postures for the shoulders and spine. We will increase flexibility in the hips, glutes, and back. Creating more space

Allow this time for yourself. Turn off all distractions. Find a safe and quiet environment. Maybe light a candle or burn some sage.

Let’s roll out our mat and enjoy this rejuvenating yin yoga flow together.

Love and light,
Charlotte xx

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