This yoga for front and middle splits will be the best yoga flow you can do to see results fast. It will help to gently increase hamstring and hip flexibility safely and effectively.

Whether you are looking to achieve your full front and middle split or just looking to gain more flexibility in your lower body, I would recommend for you to do this class 4-5 times per week to let go of tension and stiffness in your hamstrings and hips. If you want to get the splits, you must commit to working at it every day.

Make sure to listen to your body and don’t overdo it. When you are attempting your splits, try your best to find a position that you can hold for a period of time without any sharp or shooting pains – feeling a bit of resistance is ok – remember to always breathe and be patient with yourself.

In this yoga for the splits class, we will increase your flexibility, release tight hips, and lengthen those hamstrings to help you achieve the full splits.

A great time to do this flow would be when your muscles are warmer after a sweaty workout. However, you can also do this yoga flow in the morning when your muscles are slightly colder. By doing this, you will begin to lengthen your hamstrings and get your lower body familiar with moving at the start of the day.

So when you’re ready, grab your water and I’ll see you on the mat.

Love & light,
Charlotte x

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