This super quick yoga for leg strength and balance is perfect for anyone looking to improve their balance and also help strengthen their core and stability.

Within this class, we will go through a few series of different, standing balancing postures with some twists. This will help to improve your yoga practice and build greater strength and flexibility. In this quick flow, we will ground your movements and re-energise. We will channel our energy into specific balancing postures, which will help to restore focus to our minds. By giving the mind something to focus on through movement, you allow all the chitter in the back of your mind to become quiet.

Remember to breathe and stay present throughout your practice. If you fall out of any of these standing yoga poses, be kind to yourself, re-center your focus and simply come back to your breath and return to the pose. When you fall out of a balancing posture, it only makes you stronger for the next time you practice. It is part of the learning process.

If you’re ready to flow, I’ll see you on the mat.

Love and Light,
Charlotte (Hello Spirit) x

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