Enjoy this Yoga For Split Flexibility Beginners class. If you have been working on how to achieve your front split then this is the best class for you.

We will be using two yoga blocks to help us get into our front split safely and effectively. Remember your full split will take some time and dedication to your practice. So please be patient with yourself. Try this Yoga For Split Flexibility Beginners class every day or every other day and you will start to see results!

Throughout this flow, we will gently increase your hip and hamstring flexibility to help you acheive the front splits. We will go into yoga asanas that help us to release tension and stiffness from the back of our legs and start to encourage flexibility in the lower body.

Whether you are nearly into a full split or just starting, you can take this class at your own pace where modifications are given. Be mindful and patient with your body.

Make sure to grab two blocks or books, some water and of course your yoga mat!

When your ready, lets flow together,

Love & light,
Charlotte x

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