This 10-minute, quick post-workout yoga sequence will feel incredible and help your muscles to stretch and prepare to recover. The main focus is for tight glutes and hamstrings which are a vital part of our body to stretch and lengthen after we workout.

By stretching our muscles after an intense workout, we allow our bodies time to recover and as a result, prevent injury and let our muscles safely develop.

This quick post-workout yoga flow is the perfect addition to your workout routine. It will stretch out not only your glutes and hamstrings but also your shoulders, arms and quads.

This quick and effective yoga sequence will leave you feeling refreshed, energized and ready to face the day. If you workout regularly, make sure to always cool down after you workout and look after your muscles. By winding down with a good post workout stretch, you are less likely to incur injury or muscle damage further down the line. It really is important to lengthen and strengthen our bodies!

Just bring your mat and some water and lets enjoy a good post stretch together!

Love & light,
Charlotte x

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